The ApolloDas Range of Solid State Recorders

Many airborne data acquisition systems require mission data to be recorded and stored for later download and analysis.

Apollotek provides Solid State Recorder Modules which can be included in an ApolloDas 8600 Data Acquisiton System configuration.

Apollotek also provides stand alone Solid State Recorders including airborne recorders incorporating solid state disks utilising Windows compatible file formats and with Ethernet networking capabilities.

Apollotek also represents the Ampex Data Systems range of miniature rugged airborne solid state recorders with removeable storage media which can be integrated with ApolloDas 8600 modules to configure a complete re-configurable aircraft data acquisition and storage system.

For mission storage requirements of 16 GBytes of less, Solid State Storage Modules can be installed together with the ApolloDas 8600 Signal Conditioning Modules in the host chassis assembly. Stored data can be played back as a serial PCM data stream which can then be decommutated by an existing PCM Groundstation or data can be downloaded through a USB port into a host computer for subsequent processing.

The Apollotek GDSDmate Software package provided with these sytems can be used to provide graphical and tabular display of recorded data parameters.

High Capacity Data Storage Systems which can extend to Terabytes can be provided by a stand alone Solid State Recorder Unit. These Apollotek systems typically run an embedded Windows operating system based on a very ruggedised PC104 computer packaged into an airborne qualified mechanical assembly. Recorded Data Files can be extracted from these units through Ethernet or USB ports. Brief details of this System are provided on the Solid State Recorder Data Sheet.

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An ApolloDas 8600 Solid State Memory Module


An Apollotek Airborne PC104 based Solid State Recording System

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